Utility Design & Relocation
Our engineers are considered experts in the field of Utility Engineering.  Our Project Managers have been
developing full PS&E packages for all types of utility projects for the last 13 years.  The Midtown Engineers staff
is known for its comprehensive analysis of existing utility systems and the determination as to where utility
conflicts exist with proposed construction and which utilities are in conflict.  Our engineers have been designing
utility relocations for one of the largest power companies in the United States for over 12 years.  Whether your
project challenges are relocating water lines, sanitary sewer lines, storm sewer lines, fuel oil pipelines, natural
gas systems, telecommunication or fiber optic lines, or either overhead or underground electrical transmission
or distribution facilities, Midtown Engineers is your answer to all of your utility challenges.
Utility Engineering
  • Utility Adjustment Coordination
  • Utility Engineering (PS&E)
  • Utility Adjustment Monitoring &
  • SUE Analysis
Some of our Utility Design Experience...
Pipeline Adjustments
  • Designed reconstruction of 4,000' LF of 16"
    steel pipeline, Including 2,000 LF
    directional bore under I-45
  • Developed reconstruction plans for 8
    locations on 14", 16" and 30" lines.
  • 21.5 miles of natural gas distribution design
  • 25,000 LF of fiber optic cable installation
    along Westpark Dr.
  • 25 mile route study from Webster to La
  • Multiple adjustments and extensions of fiber
    optic facilities for various private companies.
Utility Coordination
  • Utility coordination for Harris County Toll
    Road Authority on segment E - sections 1,
    2 and 3 of the Grand Parkway.
  • Utility coordination for the Hardy Toll Road
  • Utility coordination for the METRO North
    Corridor rail design.
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Download our Statement of Qualifications for Utility Services in Adobe Acrobat.
Underground Distribution &
Transmission Power
  • Over 11 miles of 138kV transmission duct
  • Over 100 miles of 12kV and 38kV
    distribution duct banks.